About us

Ignite The Sound is a blog that provides advice on performance, production, and gear for musicians.

Our Goal is to cut through all the false information out there and to provide tips and advice that are honest, even if they’re harsh.

Where did it all start?

A few months ago my friend asked me to find him an electric drum set. He hadn’t played drums, so he had no idea how to choose between different models.

Even though I had played drums for some time, I wasn’t that familiar with the gear out there. So I began my research…

After I checked the first few websites I noticed something strange. So many of them had super shallow, yet “salesy” reviews of musical instruments…and people were actually reading them. So I dug a little deeper into these “blogs” and found that some of the other stuff they were writing about were equally bad. Unpractical advice on how a musician should market himself, or write his songs etc.

This was wrong.

So a simple idea was born –  create a blog that gives real advice. Not the BS  you can find on Google at the moment. I played with this idea in my mind for some time until I finally came up with a name – “Ignite the sound.”, meaning – fire up your inner musician, fire up your inner artist, fire up your tone etc. Cool name huh?


I’m happy that you have come to this blog and taken your precious time to read this blurb. If any of the stuff you’ve read on our site has helped you. Please let me know. 🙂