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Sanctuary Event : Friday The 13th At Cameo

Funk’n Hustle

Alexander Technique is one of the most innovative producers and DJs in the industry today. A constant musical mind, he churns out a steady stream of remixes and original productions while touring the world. Now Technique has paired up with Juan Cordovi, the man who taught him how to DJ when he was 15-years-old, to launch Funk’nHustle – a project that will take you on journey into the depths of Deep House, Techno, Indie Dance and Nu Disco. Their first self-titled EP released in June under Todd Terry’s record label, InHouse.

Dark Fellow

Dark Fellow is an independent musician from Seattle. He’s creating a dynamic new sound for electronica that borrows from Classical, Techno, House, Trance and Punk. “Medusa is in the details,” he says. With over 12 years of experience composing and producing music, Dark Fellow is a young master of his craft. His single “Huron Impromptu, A.D. 1903″ was featured on MTV’s Skins in 2011. His first album, New Babylon, was released through Ignite the Sound this summer.

Rex Collective

Rex Collective is a team of NYC women driven by curiosity and the need to take risks. The Rex Collective girl challenges the conventional positioning of male and female in opposition, antithesis or conflict.

Sanctuary series : Savannah-Pope

Savannah Pope was born in Los Angeles, CA but says she grew up “all over.” Virginia, Vermont, Ecuador, Barcelona and New York all saw witness to an evolving Pope before she landed back in SoCal to pursue her interests in music, art and “stuff.” You can catch Pope’s band SPACECream performing regularly in L.A.; their next show is this Saturday the 14th at the sunset strip House of Blues VIP lounge. Be sure to watch the music video for “Paper Bag Boy” featuring a painting by Pope herself, below.

What is a productive environment for you?
It changes. That’s part of the thrill, I think. But I need people I can have long, honest, philosophical, and funny conversations with. Otherwise I start to feel really terrified and lonely. I come off tough but am actually a pretty vulnerable person in a lot of ways, so trust is important.

What’s your mission?
To avenge my eighth-grade self. Not to mention, rule the universe as a part-stegosaurus bloodlust glitter queen from space.

What’s your fear?

What’s your muse?
Chaos. Movies. Sex. Weird people. Music music music!

Who influences/inspires you?
God, so many people! Joni Mitchell and David Bowie were and continue to be real catalysts in my life. But there are a plethora of artists and works of art that have snuck under my skin…from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Amy Winehouse…Freddie Mercury to Leigh Bowery…Rocky Horror Picture Show to Japanese erotica…whatever…I sound like a dick…But really. There’s so much to be inspired by. A lot of what keeps me going is the constant humiliation of living and an incessant desire to vanquish the odds. ALSO my band! All the members! My roommate, Paul Boutin, and my amazing producer, Paul Roessler.

What’s your greatest delusion?
I think it’s that I’m ugly. So it might be that I’m not ugly. I guess I’ll never know. That’s the thing about delusions…

What’s your illusion?
That I’m pregnant. I’m not though. I’m just a hooker.

What’s your conclusion?
No fucking idea, that’s why I agree to keep living…

What’s your dream?
To be utterly and wonderfully famous, a pivotal musician, and the source of a cultural paradigm shift.

What’s your drug of choice?

What’s your sanctuary?
Stories! Imagination! Why stick to reality when there’s Narnia and Terry Gilliam and Ziggy Stardust and toys to chop apart and attach to one another a la Dr. Moreau?

What are some of the obstacles you face as a young musician?
Well, I think it’s difficult to be a person in general, let alone a young one. Add to that being a female musician / visual artist with a strong vision, living in LA, and throw in an non-traditional body type for this industry…that’s a lot of obstacles. I just try to be my own person, write meaningful music, and perpetuate my own aesthetic. Words are very important to me. A lot of songs I hear now strike me as lazy, underwritten, and overproduced. I’m much more interested in the meaning of my lyrics and the raw power of great music. Visuals are essential, so I obsess over themes and details. It’s like a never-ending game of dress-up. And, finally, I care about message. Art is what ushers me through a lifetime of being a weirdo. I hope my art can encourage other oddlings to be themselves, unashamedly. All that culminates in well thought and felt out recordings, music videos, and (my favorite) live shows!! I am thrilled to be able to provide a visceral experience though SpaceCream performances. Playing out is just wonderful! I mean, we’ve got killer guitars, badass basslines and an absolutely beautiful tranny on drums. I am 23 and the guitar player is 50! We are just utterly fun and unapologetic in the moment. And, for me, that’s invaluable.

What’s your sign?

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Vampire Diaries. I’m on team Damon.

What’s your favorite drink?
Moscow Mule.

What helps you persevere?

Where do you want to be a year from now?
I want to be touring nationally and receiving more widespread recognition for the tunes! And hopefully making some money…

What’s the best/worst piece of advice anyone gave you?
Best? Never to call women whores or sluts, unless it’s a form of positive re-appropriation. See hooker reference above. Worst…hmmm….OH! To drink bleach as a cleanse. I hadn’t seen Heathers yet…

How do you freshen perspective on your work?
It’s a delicate balance of second opinions and trusting my intuition. Aside from that? Just life. Whenever I go through something, I learn.