Sanctuary Event : Friday The 13th At Cameo

Funk’n Hustle

Alexander Technique is one of the most innovative producers and DJs in the industry today. A constant musical mind, he churns out a steady stream of remixes and original productions while touring the world. Now Technique has paired up with Juan Cordovi, the man who taught him how to DJ when he was 15-years-old, to launch Funk’nHustle – a project that will take you on journey into the depths of Deep House, Techno, Indie Dance and Nu Disco. Their first self-titled EP released in June under Todd Terry’s record label, InHouse.

Dark Fellow

Dark Fellow is an independent musician from Seattle. He’s creating a dynamic new sound for electronica that borrows from Classical, Techno, House, Trance and Punk. “Medusa is in the details,” he says. With over 12 years of experience composing and producing music, Dark Fellow is a young master of his craft. His single “Huron Impromptu, A.D. 1903″ was featured on MTV’s Skins in 2011. His first album, New Babylon, was released through Ignite the Sound this summer.

Rex Collective

Rex Collective is a team of NYC women driven by curiosity and the need to take risks. The Rex Collective girl challenges the conventional positioning of male and female in opposition, antithesis or conflict.


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